Stack of tahini, honey and almond cookies
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Quick and easy one-pot tahini, honey and almond cookies

Tahini in a cookie?! Once upon a time, I bought a jar of tahini and wrote to the company because it didn’t taste like hommus. True story. Yes, it’s in hommus and no, it doesn’t taste like hommus. My jar had a slightly bitter, overpowering taste which made me think it was “off” the first time I had it. I was so curious about tahini in a cookie that I decided to give this recipe by Cook Republic a go. It was so quick and simple that I did it in one pot which also saved on cleaning time. It …

Baking Challenge 2018

Baking challenges of 2018

  To reignite my passion for baking and to grow my baking knowledge, I wrote down some baking challenges or baking quests that I could do by the end of 2018. These are my personal quests that I always wanted to bake but never have or have failed previously. They may not be hard for some people but they will at least be novel to me. And to be frank, I only created them a few weeks ago in September, giving me about 4 months to complete them amongst my uni work, full-time job, other commitments and social engagements. Most …

Sweet potato and ricotta pie
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Baking Challenge 2018: Sweet potato and ricotta pie

Guess what? I finally completed my first ever Sally’s Baking Challenge! And, call it fate, it was a savoury pie (or rather savory pie) which is also one of my baking quests! I wasn’t going to blog about this but then I thought, why not, I should document my journey either way. Will my grand kids want to see this? Yes, they probably could learn to improvise in the kitchen. But another reason to blog about this is that I can tick this off my baking quest list! Banzai! Here are a few things that I learnt. Maybe it’ll make …


Towards a new adventure – my first food blog post!

Me. An amateur baker who has rekindled her passion for all things cool and edible. I decided to start this blog to keep myself going and discover another dimension of baking. And because I am a human being who needs to sustain myself, cooking as well. I am not sure what this blog will turn into but it will definitely be centred around baking and food, recipes, testings and challenges. I especially like challenges. I am so excited just thinking about the different avenues it can lead to! I am completely aware that I am writing to no one out …