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Hi kind stranger/future grandkids!

This is a blog to document my journey during the next year about everything that I have done in the kitchen. I want this to be an enjoyable hobby that allows me to grow (in knowledge only) during this time, gaining skills and mastering techniques that I would never have discovered before. You can read more about why I started this blog here!

I love to eat and blog and I’m good at one and still an amateur at the other. I also love to bake because it’s like maths (so typically Asian) – precise with logical steps. However, unlike maths, things can go wrong if you take shortcuts. I think what I love about baking is the feeling of accomplishing something in a short span of time. From a dough turning to freshly baked bread, batter rising to become a muffin or a cake when cut open revealing the gooey chocolate mess underneath. That’s the satisfaction that I get!

I will generally take take inspiration from recipes and adapt them but I will be experimenting with flavours that appeal to me as well. Such is the joy of baking! Please see my copyright policy for using the recipes on this blog.

I don’t have anybody testing these recipes for me – it’s just me, myself and I so let me know via email if you have any suggestions/comments or feedback!


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