Who are you?

Ask me not who I am but what I can do. Kidding, find out more about me here.

What’s with the name “Battered by Cake”?

It is a play on words – a play on cake batter and also after baking, I feel pretty tired hence “battered”. However, I have fun baking and am usually satisfied either with the process or the end-product or both. That’s why I am sleeping snugly in my cupcake bed.

Who designed your logo?

Me, myself and I! I designed the logo, site icon and about me figure.

Is that you in your logo?

It’s my avatar:)

Where are you based? 

I am based in Sydney in the land down under, Australia. No, we do not ride kangaroos or have koalas as pets.

Why are there so many spelling errors in your posts? 

If you mean colour and color or centre and center. it’s because I’m Australian so I have grown up with British English. It’s not a spelling error, it’s the Queen’s English. (Having said that, if you do notice blatant errors then please Contact me so I can fix it). In my earlier posts, I tried to write like an American but now, nah, who am I kidding? I’m a bloody Aussie.

What equipment do you use to bake? 

I will soon write a list of my equipment so watch this space!

Can I use your recipes?

Yes but please attribute clearly that it is adapted from Battered by Cake with a clear link to the recipe itself. Please visit my copyright policy for more information.

Can I use your pictures? 

I would prefer you use your own photos as it should be a reflection of your product. Please contact me if you are unsure.

Do you have a Pinterest account?

Yes! Follow me at Battered by Cake.

Do you have an Instagram account?

Yes! Follow me at Battered by Cake.

Why doesn’t my ________ turn out right? 

Please provide a comment under the recipe and I will endeavor to respond. .

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