Baking Challenge 2018

Baking challenges of 2018

To reignite my passion for baking and to grow my baking knowledge, I wrote down some baking challenges or baking quests that I could do by the end of 2018.

These are my personal quests that I always wanted to bake but never have or have failed previously. They may not be hard for some people but they will at least be novel to me. And to be frank, I only created them a few weeks ago in September, giving me about 4 months to complete them amongst my uni work, full-time job, other commitments and social engagements. Most likely, next year will be a set of more technical challenges and experimental fun! Or I will bake all the ones that didn’t turn out right this time around.

So let’s see whether I actually complete this list at all (but I have planned the weekends that I will bake them)!

I have made some already at the time of this post but just haven’t posted anything yet. I will slowly post them over the next few days and weeks- be excited!

So here is the rundown of the list of baking challenges:

  • pain au chocolat
  • classic New York cheesecake
  • cookie decorated with icing
  • pie
  • Pinterest-worthy tart
  • ganache cake
  • a grand layered cake
  • macarons
  • gingerbread house
  • cupcake decorated with icing

So those are the ten that I have aimed for, how many do you think I’ll complete? (My guess is 10/10 :))

Is there a particular baking dish that you always wanted to try?

Watch me succeed or fail but I will definitely be a bit beautifully battered! 🙂


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