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Generating Domain Names -13 of the Best Free Tools for 2019

13 free tools for finding the perfect domain nameStarting a new business or website? Use these 13 completely free tools to help you create the perfect domain name! They range from keyword tools to domain name checkers and will generate ideas for you. Even better yet, some help you create your perfect company name!

If you are looking to

  • start a blog, business, website or app
  • need inspiration
  • all of the above

then these tools will be vital in your journey.

This is not an extensive list of the free domain name generators out there because some have basically the same function. That’s why I picked the ones that I like based on their user-friendliness and features. I have organised it from starting from scratch (you have no idea what names you want) to you have a pretty good idea what you want your domain name to be but just need more spice!

What stage are you at?

Depending on which stage you’re at, you may just click on a few of these or use one tool in each category:

Once you have 10 (yes, ten) domain names, make sure you go through this checklist for choosing a domain name to determine whether they pass the test to being the perfect domain name!

Made-up Words

Wordoid: when you have no idea what to call it, Wordoid will create awesome sounding words for you!

Be inspired here by filtering on the left hand panel by

  • language: available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German (you can also mix and match)
  • quality: pick “high” so they sound and look as natural as possible
  • pattern: enter a word or syllable you want the Wordoid to begin with, contain or end with
  • length: maximum of 15 letters (remember, the shorter the better)
  • availability of domain name: choose to show or hide .com and .net extension availabilities

or simply click “Create wordoids” and it will show you random words using the default settingsWordoid1Or if you have a word in mind, you can enter it and click “Create Wordoids” to see what it comes up with. 

Keyword Tools

These keyword tools help you find better or alternate keywords to reduce your chances of them being taken. Use them if you have a few words in mind.

An online thesaurus will give you similar words to your chosen keyword. Type the keyword into a thesaurus like, play around with the words and see what you come up with.

Keyword Tool: this is actually a really powerful tool for keyword searching, not just for domains but also for SEO. It basically gives you all the autocomplete words and phrases in Google but also on YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, App Store and Instagram. Besides keyword suggestions, it has questions and prepositions (in the tabs) such as “are muffins healthy?” and “about muffin”. However, if you’re using it for domain name searches, you probably won’t use those tabs as much. In the free version, it won’t tell you how many times it has been searched but it will give you an idea about what has been searched.  Keyword tool 1

Google Ads keyword planner : designed for advertising, this can be used to generate the most searchable words. Although, keywords in your domain name don’t affect SEO according to Google, this may be great for coming up with business names when you want a part of it to be identifiable. You will need a Google Ads account though and then go through a process of creating an ad campaign. If you’re just looking for domain name searches, it’s probably best to use the Keyword Tool.

Word combiners

If you have a few keywords or names that you want to mash up, these tools are pretty useful for this purpose.

Dot-o-mator: This is actually pretty fun – it’s a mix and match word combiner. You choose from a list or type your own words for the beginning of the name. Then you choose from categories such as friends, boats or charts for the ending and click “Combine”. Voila! It gives you all the combinations and tells you what domains are available. Dotomator

Bust A Name: another word combiner but this time you enter a few words ( up to three) and it’ll combine these words for you. There is a filtering system at the bottom for suffixes, prefixes and domain extensions. It then checks availability. This is good if you already have a few keywords in mind. Bust a Name

Impossibility!: an older generator, I’m not sure if it’s been updated since 2014 though. Despite this, it is good because it adds 4-6 letter adjectives, nouns or verbs to the beginning or the end of your chosen word. It also tells you which sites are available to register.

Domain Name Generators/Checkers

Lead Domain Search: This is the one of the cleanest looking sites if you have a keyword(s) in mind. And I wasn’t surprised that the site was acquired by Automattic in 2013, the people behind WordPress, JetPack and WooCommerce. It reports results only with .com extensions so if that’s what you’re looking for then this is the easiest way to do it.

However, it does offer other extensions if there isn’t one available. It is also very quick and filters the results alphabetically and based on popularity and length. lean domain serach


Panabee: This is an ultra cute website- just enter the keywords you like and hit enter on the keyboard. It delivers so much in such a cute way – it looks at domain names, Apple apps, Google Play apps and social media. On top of that, they have a list of similar words or synonyms for each word that you type in (no thesaurus needed).Panabee 1 Panabee 3

Name Mesh: This is a really well organised results page. Enter a few keywords in and click “Generate”. It is good if you have a certain idea or criteria of what your domain name should be like.

It will sort the results out into the following groups:

      • common names
      • new names
      • short names
      • extra extensions (for example, .tv, .biz)
      • similar names
      • fun extensions
      • mix of the above

Name Mesh

Domain Typer: One of the distinct features of this tool is that it will start searching as soon as you type. And it will keep searching with each letter of the keywords that you type, giving you instant results. It is colour coded based on whether it is taken (red), for sale (yellow) or available to buy (green) so it is clear visually what’s available.

It will give you suggestions as well as availability on social media platforms (Click on “Check Username”). After this, you can hover over the domain name and buy it, search for availability again, save to favourites or use it as a search term to generate more ideas.


Business Name Generators

Shopify Business Name Generator: this is by Shopify so it checks for availability if you want to open up a store on Shopify. However if you don’t want a Shopify store, you can go elsewhere to buy your domain but use this to generate some great business names. 

Panabee can also be used if you’re designing apps.

Social media Search

Everyone knows that social media is a vital part of marketing these days. It is important to choose a name available on various social media platforms. Depending on what your brand is, you might want more than the usual Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Or you might want them all plus more. These tools are exactly what you need to check their availability so you don’t waste time searching them up individually.

Knowem : this is by far the best tool I can see to check whether the name you want is available on over 500 social media platforms. Just type the name you want (all lower case and NO spaces between them) into the search bar and click “Check It”. How to use Knowem

You can see what is available and what has been taken. Decide whether it’s important to your brand if say, reddit is unavailable.How to use Knowem

Panabee and Domain Typer also search through social media platforms but not as many as Knowem.

Final Thoughts

I think a lot of these tools are very useful to get you started or to inspire new ideas. You might like one format more than the other and that is fine. Don’t feel like you need to use all the tools.

I think it’s best to choose a few tools that meet most of your needs and then proceed from there!

Let me know how you go 🙂


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I know you are a baking blog, so I just want to say! Thanks for uploading the extra info on how to start up your own site! It’s very useful!! Not much bloggers share that additional information!

Now that I have little window on the blogging world I might give creating my own a blog ago!

Much appreciated!! Keep up the good work!

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