Copyright policy

If you want to use the recipes on Battered by Cake, please credit me by using a direct link to the original post. A link to my front page is NOT enough. The direct link needs to be placed clearly near the recipe with the full name of my blog showing (Battered by Cake).

What you NEED to do: 

  • place a direct link to the original post near the recipe with Battered by Cake as the original author
  • write your own instructions for the recipes
  • use your own images for the recipes

What you CANNOT do: 

  • Do NOT use my instructions word for word. Verbatim is verboten.
  • Do NOT use my images (even with correct crediting) on your own sites as I photograph them myself.
  • Do NOT post these images on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or other social media platforms as your own.

If you have any questions, please ask by contacting me!

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