Towards a new adventure – my first food blog post!

Me. An amateur baker who has rekindled her passion for all things cool and edible. I decided to start this blog to keep myself going and discover another dimension of baking. And because I am a human being who needs to sustain myself, cooking as well.

I am not sure what this blog will turn into but it will definitely be centred around baking and food, recipes, testings and challenges. I especially like challenges. I am so excited just thinking about the different avenues it can lead to!

I am completely aware that I am writing to no one out there at the moment but that’s all fine and dandy. This is just a mental health project for myself – it’s a way to be free and express myself in the ether of the internet. I want to improve my writing as well since I have trouble expressing myself coherently sometimes. I am also a very nostalgic person. I think when I’m 80 years old, I will look back on the blog and remember fondly all the edible messes, nightmares and creations that I have shaped with my own hands (and my Kenny). This will be my journey and my future self (and the hoarder inside) will love me for it!

Here we go!

Share your thoughts!

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